Teaming and Acquisition Services

Solution Brokers: The missing piece.

The next step for your organization to improve the performance may be beyond the scope and width of the current business activities and assets and require thinking about new ventures or strategies:

  • Looking for a sales or channel partner?
  • Looking for a development partner?
  • Looking for a missing piece completing your solution?
  • Looking for an acquisition candidate to grow your business?
  • Thinking of opening a subsidiary in another geography?
  • Thinking about selling your company?
  • Thinking of selling your intellectual property?

Solution Brokers has a vast worldwide network to quickly assess your options and guide the execution. But we will always start by assessing:

  • What is the compelling event?
  • What are you looking for?
  • Are there (better) alternatives?
  • What perception do you have of value or price involved?
  • Are there time constraints?

Spending time with us answering the above questions is crucial. We too often find that there is not enough or even no clarity within organizations as the why and what. Perceptions and assumptions often cloud logical judgement. Setting the right expectations is crucial. Even if that means that you don't like our observations and will not involve us further. For us having a full understanding of the drivers is of course a requirement for finding and suggesting potential relevant options and solutions.

After an assessment our services are modular and will customized for your specific situation, ranging from step-by-step assignments to full brokerage contracts including commercial and legal support.

If you want to engage in an initial discussion on what Solution Brokers can do for you, contact Hans van Nes.

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