Business Performance Improvement Services

Premier League Management Services

Solution Brokers offer premier league performance improvement services for today's IT-related business.

We focus on optimizing your personal performance and thus the company results by finding and delivering the solution and support you need.

The people involved with Solution Brokers have successfully built and managed international companies and have made it their mission to transfer the gained knowledge and experience.

Although with a strong background in the IT-market, Solution Brokers is not a technology company: The business is always the basis; IT an enabler. Therefore our experience on business performance optimization is also used in other disciplines like healthcare and finance.

Our services are branded under the label Solution Brokers. Based in The Netherlands, we are working worldwide through a network of independent seasoned professionals joining forces to deliver you the services you need to improve your business performance.

Focus on you: Personal Coaching.

Personal Coaching

An own personal coach, experienced in executive management jobs like yours, with whom you can exchange your mind freely: open, honest, confidential and focused on your success.

A personal coach can be used for discussing virtually all business and personal topics. Personal Coaching

Turnaround Management

Change requires power to execute, capabilities to manage the burden of the pain around change and the drive to hand over the newly established situation to permanent management.

Solution Brokers can give you're the right turnaround management resource and format.

Process Optimization

Process execution is the key to good or bad company results. Unlike other management consultants we don't address this by writing thick reports and spending unlimited hours but via crisp affordable formats.

Solution Brokers offers a series of to-the-point services to improve your process output.

On demand

On-Demand Account Management

You want to keep the renewal revenue coming and the customers on board. Local representation and personal contact is a prerequisite but with the right effort and at the right price.

Solution Brokers On-Demand Account Management supports software vendor's customers in Europe. Read more…

Teaming and Acquisition

Teaming & Acquisition Brokerage Services

Looking for a partner, complementing solution or acquisition candidate? Thinking about selling your company or intellectual property?

Solution Brokers has a vast worldwide network to quickly assess your options and guide the execution. Read more…

Interested in how we can help with your challenges and needs? If you want to engage in an initial discussion on what Solution Brokers can do for you, contact us.

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