XML Thunder

XML or SOAP data binding for COBOL or C applications

Easily generate your XML or SOAP data binding COBOL programs or C classes using XML Thunder. Just map your COPYBOOK fields or C header files to XML or SOAP and generate fully functional data binding program code to either "read" and "write" XML or SOAP.

Full lifecycle support

XML Thunder is a full life-cycle solution so you can use it for both development and maintenance. Create bi-directional transformation of (COBOL or C) data to/from (XML, JSON or SOAP) data and generate robust, feature rich COBOL program code or C classes based on your mapping quickly and easily.

Creating and manipulating a XML document structure is easy

Point, click and select your source with the powerful visual designer of XML Thunder. As an alternative to designing your XML structure, you can select your desired XML schema or sample XML document and then quickly map the XML nodes to the COBOL or C data structure elements. Improve your productivity with XML Thunder. Or you can derive XML from existing COBOL or C data structures that will result in auto mapped XML node-COBOL field pairings.

XML Writers and XML Readers

XML Thunder can be used to design and generate two distinct types of XML handling program code, XML Writers and XML Readers. An XML Writer is a subprogram that uses data passed to it to create an XML document and writes it to a data buffer. Conversely, an XML Reader is a subprogram that parses XML data passed to it in a buffer and populates the corresponding program data structures.

Support for various platforms

XML Thunder is available for the following platforms:

  • XML Thunder for Windows
  • XML Thunder for zOS
  • XML Thunder for HP Non-Stop
  • XML Thunder for Unisys

Free software to try out

Checkout the technical pages for more details and download a free copy of XML Thunder Lite: COPYBOOK or C header file converter to or from XML, XSD and SOAP.

If you also want to know more about how to acquire XML Thunder, contact us.

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