Quality is King-the Theory

Last week I ran into a discussion about quality: what quality is, and how to improve quality. And all attendants wanted me share their side. of course, this was not the first time and I am sure it will not be the last.

Let us first define what quality is. there are 2 types of quality:

  1. Absolute quality
  2. Relative quality

Absolute quality deals with making sure that product or service meets predefined specifications. Relative quality makes sure that a product or service is sufficiently acceptable as perceived by a customer. Relative quality is defined as the relative customer perception of quality. You may ask why two types and when do I use which type of quality. The absolute quality is used if you want to improve the efficiency of a business process. You could use a methodology like 6sigma to drive this process improvement.

The relative quality is used to improve the effectiveness of your business. it balances the different aspects as perceived by a customer and drives the overall improvement process. In business process operations improvement you usually start with the relative quality. Relative quality drives the effectiveness of your business operation.

You use the absolute quality to improve the response of the internal business process operations, and thus the efficiency and you how do you manage your projects and how do you overcome your challenges.

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